The next chapter…breaking free

Around the time I was feeling the need to break free from the perfectionism of quilting, I purchased the book “Floorquilts” by Ellen Highsmith Silver.  Although I wasn’t sure if making a floorquilt was something that appealed to me, I loved the idea of treating fabric with diluted matte medium so it would behave more like paper.  Heaven knows, there was A LOT of fabric in my stash after ten years of quilting, and it seemed the right thing to do to use it.

The first attempt was abysmal!  The beginnings of that project are in a dump somewhere far, far away.  I did, however, try again to just use fabric as collage material and make a simple mixed-media piece based on my knowledge of quilt design.  Although it has been in the crawlspace for a few years, here it is…my very first mixed media art piece, created in 2010.


2010 – Mixed media on canvas – 10×10

I was quickly realizing that there’s a lot more to creating beautiful art than just picking up odds & ends and trying to make them look nice together.  It was clear that I needed to learn some techniques in order to advance and make the kind of art I was feeling inside.   According to the ancient proverb, “when the student is ready, the teacher arrives…” or something to that effect.  That has certainly proven to be true time and time again in my life and art.  As that thought was germinating, I found and purchased “Taking Flight” by Kelly Rae Roberts.  It was exactly the “teacher” that I needed to start taking baby steps forward.  Here is the second mixed media piece, inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts’ book.


2010 – Mixed Media on wood – 10×10

And another of my first pieces, using techniques found in “Cloth Paper Scissors” magazine.


2011 – Mixed media on canvas, 8×8

Thanks again for visiting and letting me share the beginnings of my art journey.  Have a great day!






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