My biography – hoping to make a difference

Hi!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  As I mentioned at the end of my biography, this past year my eyes were opened to all the troubled kids living in my community.  Working as a substitute teacher has its own set of hurdles when it comes to connecting with kids and earning their trust.  Multiply that x20 when dealing with troubled kids who already don’t trust people.  That’s where art comes in.

After working at both the middle school and high school this past spring, I found my heart broken and sense of compassion expanded by the kids I had the privilege of teaching.  As a person of faith, I feel it’s my responsibility to help hurting people, and couldn’t help but wonder if an opportunity to create art outside of school might nourish the souls and lift the spirits of some of them.

So that’s my vision…to create a non-profit, after-school art program.  It’s in the very, very baby stages, and yet it’s amazing that I’ve already met people who share my vision, and learned of others who have created such programs in their own communities!

I’m excited to share future developments with you.

Tomorrow…..I’ll be sharing my art experiments from “Color, Pattern, Paint” – the online workshop presented by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great week.



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