The beauty of imperfection

Hello!  I’ve recently been going through much of my artwork, categorizing photos and making it easier to share in a logical manner.  It has proven more challenging than I thought, as photos are spread among different SD cards depending on which camera was used at the time.  Add to that the beauty(?) of phone cameras, and trying to retrieve photos from my previous phone.  I must say, I have learned my lesson!  There is now ONE camera/SD card reserved just for art, which will make it infinitely easier to find, upload and share art going forward.

In this process, it has been fun to look back at previous work and see what I’ve learned over the past couple of years.  Below is one example that illustrates the beauty of imperfection.  After reading “My Thread Sketch Journey”, an article by Kelly Nina Perkins in the “Cloth Paper Scissors Book”,  I was eager to try her techniques with my own subject matter.

Below you can see my inspiration “cups” as well as the book.  The third photo shows my “quick and dirty” experiment.  I wanted to create a piece for an art exhibit that I did last year, but this one turned out slightly smaller than the mat/frame I was planning to use, AND I wasn’t sure I liked how messy it looked.  The final photo shows the next attempt.  Although the colors are more vibrant, this piece didn’t seem to have the whimsy that the first one did.  It was a great lesson that letting go and “letting the paint fly” will yield very different results than a controlled approach.


Two of my favorite cups




First experiment, mixed media on watercolor paper, 4x6in


Second experiment, mixed media on watercolor paper, 4.5×6.5in

It was so much fun to revisit these experiments that I think I’ll try it again with new subject matter.

Thanks for visiting!  I’d love to hear your comments or feedback.

Have a great day!



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