“Dance of the Teacups”

Hello!  Thanks for visiting.  When I started “The Fearless Artist” blog this past summer, it was my intention to share my process and art in progress.  Mixed media/collage is a messy, involved activity.  It’s often easy to forget to take photos while deep in the creative process, or quite commonly, my hands are so full of paint and glue that handling a camera would be decidedly disadvantageous.

I resolved to be better about taking process photos, and want to share with you a piece of my current work and the steps required to arrive at this stage, where I’m evaluating the piece and thinking about what is necessary to “pull it together”.


“Dance of the Teacups” – evaluation stage

One practice that has enriched my creative process is working from my own photo references.  When one is first starting to explore art, it’s helpful to copy ideas in books or magazines to learn techniques and gain confidence.  Eventually, however, it’s time to take off the training wheels and go for a ride!  Using personal photos enriches the artistic experience by adding both meaning and challenge to the process of creating art.  Below are the reference photos for this piece as well as various stages of construction.


Photo, El Cid resort, 2013


Photo, El Cid resort, 2013

Dishes are a recurring theme in my work.  They make me happy.


One of my favorite painting substrates

I prefer to buy the plain wood panels and apply gesso to four or five at a time.


Base layer of collage papers, ready to be adhered with gel medium.


Addition of paint


Initial placement of collage elements


As of today, evaluation stage

Please excuse the variance in photo color and quality.  It’s my next task to figure out how to gain consistency in that area.  If you have a procedure that works well, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks again for visiting and letting me share my art.

Have a great day,




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