“Dance of the Teacups”, or “Frankenstein Revisited”?

Hello!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  After publishing the original “Dance of the Teacups”, I emailed an artist friend a photo of the piece for his critique.  Have you ever had one of those moments where, after making a decision, you asked yourself “what was I thinking?”  This turned out to be one of those occasions, as he had little good to say about the piece.  It was painful to read this critique, yet I had to agree with the honest assessment, and be grateful for a good friend who wants to help me grow as an artist.

It reminded me of a childhood “what was I thinking? experience” that had much the same effect on me.  Until my family moved in 1982, we lived along the banks of the Mississippi River in a little neighborhood east of Brainerd, Minnesota.  It was an idyllic place to be a kid.  Winters were spent sledding on nearby hills and skating on the river.  Summers held ample opportunities for swimming, exploring the surrounding woods and riding bicycles.

One particular day while riding my bike, I thought it would be interesting to ride with my eyes closed!!  …..what was I thinking?  Within seconds I slammed into a neighbor’s mailbox and fell headfirst into the surrounding rock garden.  After the shock wore off, I surmised that the lump in the middle of my forehead was growing at an alarming rate.  Within hours, as you may have guessed, I looked like Frankenstein.  Lesson learned!

As it relates to art, this recent critique was also a lesson learned, since it prompted me to create a list of questions to ask myself about a piece of artwork before requesting critiques from others.  Sometimes the process of growth is a bit uncomfortable, but at least I don’t look like Frankenstein this time around.  Additionally, I strongly believe people should only plant flowers around their mailboxes!

Finished piece and detail photos.


renamed “Tea Time” 10x20in. cradled birch panel


“Tea Time” detail


“Tea Time” detail

Thanks again for visiting.  Have a great day!



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