The Funny Dream…

I recently told my husband that I wanted to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts….by myself.  Since we live four hours north of the metro area, it takes a bit of planning to make this happen.  I’ve been to the Institute once, but it was with my daughter’s 6th grade “History Day” group, so it doesn’t count!

Here I am in the Twin Cities.  I’m attending a veterinary seminar on behalf our clinic tomorrow, and get to visit the Art Institute on Friday.

The funny thing is, last night I had a dream.  In it, several of my closest friends and loved ones decided to join me at the Art Institute!  I was so busy taking care of people that I hardly got to see any of the exhibits, and therefore sat on a bench and cried.   When I shared this with my husband earlier today, he totally laughed out loud!

Moral of the story is…if you see a woman sobbing at the Institute of Arts on Friday, it means they have arrived!

Thanks for visiting. Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “The Funny Dream…

  1. I went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, which is connected to the MIA. Our classes had us in the MIA a lot for studying the works there. There was an insanely high amount of crime in the area that we all learned to live with. I think if I saw anyone crying on the benches by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers I would probably think, “Her car was broken into. Poor lady.”


  2. Hello fearless artist. I have just spent an delightful 20 minutes reading through many of your blog posts and just love what you write about and your art. I am an Aussie who would love do teach art to kids too… what a wonderful way to begin a dialogue for young people about who they are, who they are becoming and helping encourage, inspire and focus them on their dreams… Hope dispensed with paint, brushes and paper. Rochelle


    • Thank you so much, Rochelle. I really enjoyed your blog, too. Your art is lovely! I hope to share soon about a new non-profit in our community that is being set up to help children and teenagers both locally and internationally. Best wishes in your art and teaching, as well. Have a great day.


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