Inspired by Butterflies – Our Turner’s Syndrome Story

In 2009 our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality affecting 1 in every 2500 females born.  Amy’s doctor told us she has the “mosaic form” which typically presents with milder symptoms than the “non-mosaic form”, and would account for the late diagnosis.  Aside from being quite small for her age, Amy appeared healthy in every other way.

Subsequent testing of her heart and kidneys showed that she does NOT have the abnormalities that can be complications of this condition.  We’re grateful that Amy doesn’t deal with life-threatening conditions, and her diagnosis has caused us to reevaluate what we previously considered “normal”.  Simply put, there is no such thing!  Amy has her own path to walk and life to live, with its unique joys and challenges.

As we prepare to celebrate Amy’s 13th birthday in a few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on the wonderful blessing she is to our family, and how thankful I am to be her mom.  The emblem for Turner’s Syndrome Awareness is the butterfly.  You can imagine my joy when I stopped in at a local thrift store and found this 1914 edition of “Insect Life” in the FREE section.  I could hardly wait to tear out some pages and get to work!


Someone’s trash, my treasure!


First layer of collage on 18x18in cradled birch panel


Paint layer added and butterfly outline drawn


Final piece, negatively painted and details added

Thanks for visiting and letting me share our Turner’s Syndrome story.

Have a great day!




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