Happy Halloween – and some dog art

Happy Halloween!  I have to admit, I love this holiday.  When else do normally responsible adults get to dress up, act silly and eat candy undetected?  Not to mention how fun it is for the kids…

All that being said, there was very little time to make art this week.  I had hoped to complete four pet portraits as a series, but only finished one… (with three additional backgrounds in the works).

Since I recently agreed to have my art on display at our local Dunn Bros. coffee shop in December, my mind has been consumed with preparing for this show.  However, it’s even more important to me to be there for my family and the people I love, so that’s what I’ve been doing!

It was amazing that even one piece of art was finished this week!  I’ve wanted to do some pet portrait collages for a long time, and had four 9X9in extra deep canvases that I thought would look great as a series.  So here’s the first one…


Trial placement of collage elements


“Daisy” – 9x9x2.37in – mixed media collage on canvas


And…my 15 seconds as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Thanks to my sweet little niece for wanting me to try on her wig!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend,



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