“Best Tent Ever!” – Celebrating Contentment

I’m beyond happy to share that Debbie and her husband bought a house and moved in last week. The best part is that it’s less than 1/2 mile from my house. Welcome to the neighborhood, Debbie and family… and by the way, can I borrow a cup of sugar?

The Fearless Artist

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog.  I just got home from seeing a friend in her new apartment.  My pal Debbie and her husband sold their country home this summer and are renting a place in town until a suitable house comes up for sale.

Debbie is a wonderful friend and an incredibly positive person.  Although she doesn’t know how long her family will be in the apartment, she always has an upbeat attitude and cheerfully declares that it’s the “Best Tent Ever!”

Being the visual person that I am, I thought she needed a piece of art to commemorate this season of her life.  As much as I love being in the studio and making art, it’s sharing it with others that makes it complete.

IMG_0276 “Best Tent Ever!” – 8x8in – original mixed media on canvas

That’s all for today.  Thanks again for visiting and have a great day,

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