“It Wasn’t Me!” – Cat Inspired Art

This past summer my family adopted a kitten.  It had been a long time since we’d had a kitten in the house and I’d forgotten how much fun they are.  Although this art piece isn’t directly based on my new kitten, it is inspired by the silly things cats do and hopefully captures their essence.

This piece is the second of four “pet” pieces that I’m working on.  Since I chose pink for the background of this canvas, I thought a black and white cat would work best.


Pink collage background


My reference photo – a picture from the local humane society of a lovely cat who is up for adoption

After adding layers of pattern with stencils and paint, I used an enlarged photocopy of the original picture to get proportions correct and analyze which details I wanted to include.  For the eyes, I chose to make them larger and add some whimsical elements.  After placing the pupils, the title for this piece became evident…..she just had that look!


“It Wasn’t Me!” – mixed media collage on 9x9in extra deep canvas

Thanks so much for visiting.  Have a great day!





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