“Branching Out” – trying a new color scheme

I recently saw a photo of an interesting collage that featured what looked like thin pieces of laminate on a plain white background.  My mind immediately started translating it into “mixed media” and I thought it would be fun to create a similar piece in a bright color scheme.  My quilting background came in handy as I chose patterned papers, figured out appropriate widths for cutting strips and created a new design.  My original color scheme was bright pink, orange, lavender and white.  However, after getting a little crazy preparing the background, that color scheme just didn’t seem to work.

Many art experts say you should never fall in love with your background….but I did!  Rather than viewing the disparate background as a problem, I chose to go with it and make a whole new design in a new color scheme to use it.


Base layer of papers on 24x24in cradled birch panel


The glue – I prefer the gloss heavy gel, but didn’t have enough. I’ve found that the heavy gel adheres papers flatter than lighter versions.


Design in place. I forgot to take a photo of the background before adhering strips.


After applying a base coat of Mod Podge, and letting it dry completely, I used Faber Castell Big Brush Pens to add shading to the strips.  The Mod Podge works better than other mediums to allow smudging of color before the ink dries and becomes permanent.


“Branching Out” – mixed media collage on 24x24in cradled birch panel

The final photo shows the piece with a bit of blue added to background and a layer of brown glaze to unify the background color.  I think it’s finished, but may tweak the glaze tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day!




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