The Flops of ’14

Looking back over this past year, I can see how starting a blog and scheduling an art show have helped me stay committed to making art.  An acquaintance recently mentioned that she visited my blog and was disappointed that I didn’t have more art on my site.  I honestly told her that I hadn’t posted more art because some of it stinks!

When I went back through 2014, I was surprised to see that I hadn’t even made that much art during the first half of the year.  Aside from some random sketches and experiments, finished pieces were few!

Since December is such a busy month, and it’s unlikely that I’ll complete new work before the end of the year, I want to share the Flops of ’14.


Stacked cups cut freehand from fabric


Collaged onto prepared canvas, and penwork added

I decided this piece was a flop because I covered up the background pattern on the canvas.  I also was impatient and did the penwork before the layer of matte medium was completely dry….another lesson learned!

The next piece was based on this reference photo, from Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  (Yes, you can question my sanity for taking a photo of an outhouse and deciding to make art from it!)


Photo – Puerto Morelos, Mexico, 2013


First layer – working through ideas and placement


Final piece turned out rather lifeless.

I decided this piece was a flop because I think my intention was to create something more abstract.  Perhaps I’ll revisit this idea when I’m in the mood for more bathroom art!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m planning to share some sketches and experiments throughout the month, so check back….

…and have a great December,






2 thoughts on “The Flops of ’14

  1. You may consider that a flop, but what I see is a truly fearless artist who actually allows the creativity to flow, even when it doesn’t turn out as you had hoped. You are an inspiration to me! I’m gathering my art supplies to participate in a creative journal project called “Take Me Deeper”, a 52-week faith art project which I found on His-Kingdom-Come, an online art community I recently discovered. I know I have a lot of art inside of me waiting to get out, and you Melanie are one of the people who have given me the courage to forge ahead! Thanks and Blessing to you! EvaYvonne.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much EvaYvonne! I’m truly touched and encouraged by your kind words. I’m looking forward to seeing your art from the “Take Me Deeper” project, as well.
      Blessings to you, and have a Merry Christmas, Melanie


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