Working at the Food Shelf Changed my Life – Part 2

When the student is ready, the teacher arrives, right?  I had heard that saying, but was soon to find out how very true it is!

It was a great feeling to create the sign for the Food Shelf’s new location in September, 2012.  After it was complete, I felt a little lost and unsure of what to do next.


As it happened, I had to make a trip to Southern Minnesota at the end of September for a cousin’s funeral.  Because of other commitments, I chose to make the 5 hour drive to Mankato, MN and back in a single day….that meant a lot of time in the car to think, listen to music and enjoy the Minnesota scenery.  I also said a prayer, asking God to give me another project to work on.  (Seriously, I don’t know why some prayers get answered right away and some take 20 years…or longer….and I’m not “Suzy-Super-Christian”.  I’m just a girl who wants to honor Jesus and hopefully bring some hope and happiness to all the people I meet.)

Two days later, at a food shelf board meeting, my prayer was answered.  A gentleman named Don Houseman was there as the spokesperson for “Studio 10”, a local  artists’ group that wanted to do a fundraiser for the food shelf.  Don explained their idea, called “Small Art 4 Big Hearts”, and mentioned that he’d like someone from the board to assist them!  Again….a no-brainer!  It was easy to raise my hand and say that I would help with this fundraiser.

Here is a link to the the news clip that aired on Lakeland News right before the “Small Art 4 Big Hearts” event took place.

The “Small Art 4 Big Hearts” fundraiser raised more than $4,000 for the Bemidji Community Food Shelf, and I made some great friends.  Don Houseman is a retired art teacher, artist and author from a nearby community.  I asked him recently if he would mind if I mentioned him specifically, because his friendship and encouragement to me as an artist has been a huge part of my art journey.  Kathy Gustafson is another wonderful person and member of Studio 10 who does amazing pet portraits as well as other subject matter.  You can see more of her work at


Don Houseman, Kathy Gustafson and me


My piece for the Small Art fundraiser

Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me share more of my creative story.

Have a great day,







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