Hello again!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted to my blog.  I thought it was time to share the few things I’ve been working on over the last couple of months.

This piece was inspired by the craziness of this past winter.  With my mom’s death and preparing to send my daughter off to college, life has been a bit overwhelming.  The verse is from Psalm 62:1 and reminds me where true strength and peace come from.  I didn’t plan for the angel to have red hair, but decided that if I have a guardian angel, she probably does have red hair!


Mixed media on 12×12″ cradled birch panel

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  We just switched computers and I still need to install a good photo-editing program.  This was taken with my phone.

The next piece was inspired by an article in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio magazine.  The phrase “be happy” is a reminder to myself that happiness is mostly a choice.


“be happy” – mixed media on 8×8″canvas

And finally, a piece that I’m working on now.  I recently bought a few new paint colors, and had a lot of fun creating a colorful background for this piece.  It’s not finished, but I wanted to try out the lettering to get an idea of size and placement.  After stamping these letters on book paper, I’ve decided to use my own handwriting instead.  The background and embellishments need some refining as well.


in progress – 10×20″ cradled birch panel

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m looking forward to finishing this piece and sharing the results.

Have a great day,



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