Abstract #1 of “Fifty Abstracts”

In my previous post entitled “The Nifty Fifty” project, I shared that I want to create fifty works of art in each of five different categories.  I’m a little behind schedule, but here’s Abstract #1 of “Fifty Abstracts”.


Abstract #1 – 9.5×9.5 in – collage on Strathmore Acrylic Paper

I created this piece using papers and covers from deconstructed antique books.  It’s always fun to be looking for these treasures at tag sales and thrift shops.

I did, however, want to use at least one “new” piece, and chose a sturdy tag from a recently purchased garment.  It was painted with Golden Iridescent Copper and then Bronze.  The fun surprise was when I took the piece outside to photograph it.  The tag is embossed with a map of the Sunset Boulevard area!  Cool.


detail of painted clothing tag

I’m attempting to be disciplined and work on art everyday, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.  I’ve already found that this practice is paying off, as I feel more creative and have a few more pieces to share in the near future.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Have a great weekend,



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