Some art just has to be made…

I should be making “serious” art for my art show in July.  It is, after all, June 4th.  The days are ticking by at an alarmingly fast pace….and yet, I just had to make this piece!

It’s not “high art” by any means, but this little basset hound just stole my heart!


A photo I took earlier this spring.

My brain automatically translates into mixed media and I don’t think it’s curable!


“Hound Dog” – 12×30 inches, mixed media on canvas

I love to incorporate special papers in my work.


Page from pre-1900 dictionary.

I bought the dictionary for $2.00 (USD) because the front cover and binding were falling apart. One’s person’s trash is, indeed, another’s treasure!

In all my art-related reading, there are certain quotes that stand out to me and inform my work.  The one I had in mind when I decided to create this piece was from Annie O’Brien Gonzales’ new book, “Bold Expressive Painting”.  She advises readers against mentally trashing an idea.  Wow!  That got me thinking about how many times I do mentally trash ideas…because I think they’re too infantile, or beyond my capabilities, or just stupid!!  (Oh wait, I’m supposed to be the fearless artist…..busted!)

Anyway, I’m pleased with how this piece turned out.  I always ask my husband for his opinion, and he told me he really likes how the dark glaze looks like wood.  I’ll go with that, because he is very honest!

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