Three cheers for the power of art!

My month-long art show at our local Dunn Bros. came down today.  It’s always a learning experience when one shows work publicly, and this month was no exception.

It was a fun and interesting month.  In addition to selling two pieces, I was asked to create a “Fibonacci Sea Otter” as a companion to “Fibonacci’s Elephant”, which was one of the pieces that sold.



“Fibonacci’s Elephant” 12×18 inches, mixed media on canvas paper. 19×25 inches framed

The gentleman who purchased this piece wanted a companion “Sea Otter” in a similar style.  It was an anniversary gift for his wife, who has loved sea otters since she was a little girl.  After meeting with him to discuss format and style, this was the result.


Fibonacci-inspired sea otter. 12×18 inches, mixed media on canvas paper. 19×25 inches framed.

One of the greatest blessings of being an artist is meeting new people and making new friends.  I was so touched by this client’s love for his wife and his zest for life.  He was also very encouraging of me as an artist, and has prompted me to think in a direction I may have overlooked if our paths hadn’t crossed!  Three cheers for the power of art!

Have a wonderful August,




Art Show Opens Tomorrow at Dunn Bros.

Thanks to my sweet family, my art is hung and ready for tomorrow’s First Friday Art Walk in Bemidji, MN.  My husband and son attached hanging hardware and two of my kids helped me hang the show today.


My son helping me at Dunn Bros.



and advising me on placement of art.



He even took care of final details!

Here’s a sneak peek.



If you’re in the Bemidji area, I’d love for you to join us tomorrow evening, July 1st, from 5-7pm at Dunn Bros.  My friends Sonja Connell and Jay Carlsgaard will be providing musical entertainment, as Sonja plays cello and her dad accompanies on piano.  Their music is wonderful!

Thanks for reading.  Have a safe and happy weekend.



Stars and Stripes Forever

This piece was inspired by love for my country as well as Independence Day, which is right around the corner.  God bless the USA.


Stars & Stripes Forever – 18×24 inches – mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas


Stars & Stripes Forever – additional view









Stars & Stripes Forever – detail









This piece will be included in my show at Dunn Bros, Bemidji, MN throughout the month of July.

Wishing you a happy summer,


Meet “Ruthie”, who might be Russian…?

Since my last post when I declared my obsession with painting flowers, I had the overwhelming urge to do a study of my cat, Ruthie.

Painting realism isn’t my interest or strong point, but through all my art-related reading I’ve learned that even abstract artists have a working knowledge of drawing and painting in a realistic style.

Over the last few months my husband and I have made a concerted effort to declutter and get rid of unneeded items.  In the process you can imagine how many sentimental items we have unearthed!  Henceforth came the old photo of our beloved “Ruthie”.


A little backstory on Ruthie.  My husband and I opened a clinic out of our old living room in 2007.  (Now that’s a story for another day!)  One of my husband’s loyal clients from a previous employer brought his pets in shortly after we opened. As he was leaving, he mentioned that there was a stray cat at his place of employment, which happened to be the Russian Language Village area of the Concordia Language Villages near Bemidji, Minnesota.  He told us that he wanted to trap the cat, have it spayed or neutered, and return it to its natural environment.  (We love people like that!)

Six weeks went by and the call came in!  He had trapped the cat, but it was so wild he had no idea how we would ever be able to do the surgery.  Since this happened at 6:30 am on a Friday morning, my husband told him he could drop the cat off and we would do surgery over the weekend.  He could pick it up on Monday.

Long-story-short….I fell in love with the cat, and she with me!  She warmed to us so quickly and was so sweet that we knew she must have had human contact at some point.

I asked my husband to call the client and let him know we’d be willing to foster the cat.  Fast-forward nine years…


My beloved Ruthie!

Her art piece in progress..


In progress…based on the photo from above

After layers of stencils for the background and sponging to re-create a carpet effect in the foreground, Ruthie is finished!


“Ruthie” – 8×8 inches on canvas panel

I’m planning to frame this piece and have it on display in July when my work will be featured again at our local Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Many blessings,


Dunn Bros Art Show Reception

The show is hung and the party’s done!  Many thanks to all the family and friends who attended last night and made it such a special evening.  It reinforced that the best thing about art is community! 

To begin, the weather was beautiful for this time of year in Northern Minnesota!


Moonrise over Lake Bemidji – Dunn Bros has a beautiful view of the lake. Photo taken just a few minutes before guests started to arrive!


Sonja Connell and Jay Carlsgaard warming up. A beautiful father/daughter duo!


Among the first of the guests


Good friends and art enthusiasts


Grateful to everyone who attended through the evening


My two oldest children – love them!


Evening winding down, just a few guests remaining

Thanks again to everyone who attended last night.  Sonja, Jay and I were overwhelmed by the support of our friends and community, and their music made the evening all the more wonderful!  My art will be at Dunn Bros, Bemidji through December 30th for local friends who couldn’t be there.

Have a great weekend,