Three Folk Art Cats – a labor of love

My oldest daughter is a sophomore in college this year.  As is fitting, she rented an apartment with some classmates and is quite pleased to have her own room after a year of dorm life and a summer spent serving at a Bible camp.

When I visited her to help her get settled, we agreed that she needed some art to jazz up the generic apartment walls.  Since she is a crazy-cat-lady-at-heart and misses our family cats tremendously, it seemed fitting to capture their essence in paper and paint.


Work in progress – 22×28 inches, mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

This piece is almost finished…just a few details and it will be ready to send back with her when she comes home to visit this weekend.  I can’t wait to give it to her!  A labor of love, to be sure.

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Three cheers for the power of art!

My month-long art show at our local Dunn Bros. came down today.  It’s always a learning experience when one shows work publicly, and this month was no exception.

It was a fun and interesting month.  In addition to selling two pieces, I was asked to create a “Fibonacci Sea Otter” as a companion to “Fibonacci’s Elephant”, which was one of the pieces that sold.



“Fibonacci’s Elephant” 12×18 inches, mixed media on canvas paper. 19×25 inches framed

The gentleman who purchased this piece wanted a companion “Sea Otter” in a similar style.  It was an anniversary gift for his wife, who has loved sea otters since she was a little girl.  After meeting with him to discuss format and style, this was the result.


Fibonacci-inspired sea otter. 12×18 inches, mixed media on canvas paper. 19×25 inches framed.

One of the greatest blessings of being an artist is meeting new people and making new friends.  I was so touched by this client’s love for his wife and his zest for life.  He was also very encouraging of me as an artist, and has prompted me to think in a direction I may have overlooked if our paths hadn’t crossed!  Three cheers for the power of art!

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Some art just has to be made…

I should be making “serious” art for my art show in July.  It is, after all, June 4th.  The days are ticking by at an alarmingly fast pace….and yet, I just had to make this piece!

It’s not “high art” by any means, but this little basset hound just stole my heart!


A photo I took earlier this spring.

My brain automatically translates into mixed media and I don’t think it’s curable!


“Hound Dog” – 12×30 inches, mixed media on canvas

I love to incorporate special papers in my work.


Page from pre-1900 dictionary.

I bought the dictionary for $2.00 (USD) because the front cover and binding were falling apart. One’s person’s trash is, indeed, another’s treasure!

In all my art-related reading, there are certain quotes that stand out to me and inform my work.  The one I had in mind when I decided to create this piece was from Annie O’Brien Gonzales’ new book, “Bold Expressive Painting”.  She advises readers against mentally trashing an idea.  Wow!  That got me thinking about how many times I do mentally trash ideas…because I think they’re too infantile, or beyond my capabilities, or just stupid!!  (Oh wait, I’m supposed to be the fearless artist…..busted!)

Anyway, I’m pleased with how this piece turned out.  I always ask my husband for his opinion, and he told me he really likes how the dark glaze looks like wood.  I’ll go with that, because he is very honest!

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‘Never Give Up’ – Art as Encouragement

Do you ever feel discouraged?  Do you ever feel hopeless?  I must admit there are times when I do.  Not about life in general, but certainly about some situations.  When I experience these thoughts and feelings, the words of a beloved old pastor somehow find their way into my consciousness.  This dear man shared that “discouragement is one of the devil’s greatest tools because people don’t realize that it comes from him”.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been reading the Psalms.  It’s remarkable how many times David found himself in hopeless situations and cried out to God.  Time and time again he had to wait (and wait) for deliverance, but time and time again he proclaimed his confidence that God was his deliverer and that HE would rescue him.

I think it was Winston Churchill who gave us this beloved quote, but it could have just as easily been our bible friend, David.


Never Give Up – 10x10x1.5 inches on cradled birch panel


It was a fusion of David’s psalms, Winston Churchill’s quote and Kelly Rae Roberts’ postcard art that inspired this piece.


Never Give Up – detail



Never Give Up – detail

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