‘Never Give Up’ – Art as Encouragement

Do you ever feel discouraged?  Do you ever feel hopeless?  I must admit there are times when I do.  Not about life in general, but certainly about some situations.  When I experience these thoughts and feelings, the words of a beloved old pastor somehow find their way into my consciousness.  This dear man shared that “discouragement is one of the devil’s greatest tools because people don’t realize that it comes from him”.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been reading the Psalms.  It’s remarkable how many times David found himself in hopeless situations and cried out to God.  Time and time again he had to wait (and wait) for deliverance, but time and time again he proclaimed his confidence that God was his deliverer and that HE would rescue him.

I think it was Winston Churchill who gave us this beloved quote, but it could have just as easily been our bible friend, David.


Never Give Up – 10x10x1.5 inches on cradled birch panel


It was a fusion of David’s psalms, Winston Churchill’s quote and Kelly Rae Roberts’ postcard art that inspired this piece.


Never Give Up – detail



Never Give Up – detail

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